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9 years Between Czech Managers and Business Owners

Of course, not only people are facing important life changes. Businesses and organizations do so as well. Since 2007, thanks to my work for the Czech subsidiary of a major American software vendor I’ve had the opportunity to meet with managers, business owners and regular employees from companies that have undergone some radical changes. Every time I’m asking them same questions – what and why has initiated the change, how did they cope with it and what has changed in their companies after the successful implementation of new processes as well as new tools from that software company. During those last 8 years I’ve heard hundreds of stories from companies of all sizes and types. All of them had one thing in common. As one manager of one of the largest car parts retailer in the Czech Republic once told me – fifty percent of every change is purely dependent on the top management team itself. And I should add that the top management team, or the owner alternatively, is really often literally left by itself.

I’ve seen that with my own eyes later during my career, when I had to deal with various problems that had arisen during radical changes in various companies. And I’ve experienced some really tough moments for managers, both from communication and human perspective, when e. g. key employees had left the company and have instantly established a competitor. Or when a French owner who was running businesses on Côte d'Azur for 30 years and always succeeded in everything had to face his first failure and close Czech subsidiary after 6 months, because every single month it was losing 20 000 €. Eventually I even came up with my own theory about the key factors critical for succeeding in change projects in Czech companies, which I have summarized in one of the lectures I had for Czech software developers. I’ve put the empathy at the first place and it has been followed by communication. Nowadays, after additional five years of experience, I see that these two steps are the most underestimated ones causing the biggest problems.

What do I offer to managers and business owners?

If you’re considering or even already know that it’s the time in your company to make the change happen and you’re looking for somebody, who will be the guide as well as counsellor both to you and your employees, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks to many years of experience I know what the largest pitfalls usually are, that the Greiner’s theory of evolution and revolution, which is one of the most valuable assistants during the strategic change, applies to Czech companies as well and that the implementation of any changes in the company is primarily about the communication, overcoming stress and fear and sometimes also about performing unpopular actions. And I also know how valuable and appreciated it is when the one responsible for implementing the changes has somebody standing by his or her side, offering him or her the bird’s eye perspective of unbiased person and of course his own know-how, education and eventually also contacts. In case of start-ups I might also accept the role of a mentor.

How much does it cost?

The tariff for helping companies is 2,000 CZK excl. VAT per hour. These services are being offered through my company Nitana s. r. o. and similarly to my work with individual clients – everything starts with an initial free of charge meeting, when we define the problem and discover whether we can work together on its resolution. Absolute confidentiality is a matter of course.