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The world today is full of changes.

Whether we want to realize it or not – the change is the only certainty that we have in our life. For some changes we prepare already for a while, the other come unexpected, and others are absolutely inevitable for our business or our life. The change is not simple, but it's always possible as the Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne used to say. It demands courage, determination, perseverance and direction as well. I have personally undergone many changes – both the ones that I wanted and those that I had to. Therefore, I know quite well how difficult it is. But you don’t have to face changes alone. If you’re looking for someone, who will stand by your side during them, who’d offer you a bird’s eye view and new impulses to your life or business , do not hesitate to contact me. Helping people and business is what makes sense to me and fulfills me.


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What topics I usually address with my clients


Clients usually come to me when they want to change themselves or when they need support during key life changes. The most common issues are the overall dissatisfaction in life, its re-evaluation, and the need to radically change it. Often, however, issues such as self-confidence, relationships, masculinity or femininity, the need to reconcile with parents or children, the fight against illness, but also work and career changes come up. However, a large number of clients is looking for themselves, because their self, their own essence, has been lost on the road of life. In short, they’ve been walking for so long on other people’s paths, guided by scripts written by others to their unconscious mind, that they’ve discovered that it is a time for change. They want to change their here and now, but guilt, fear and lack of observe reserve often prevent them from reaching it.

Most of my clients are men. Clients of almost any age, ranging from fresh graduates to people who have grandchildren, are coming to me. My clients include business owners, businesspeople, high-ranking managers, politicians, athletes, models, as well as regular employees, students, nurses, scientists, artists, whoever feels he needs to help in his or her life and he/she wants it from me. What the client does or did as well as his age is not important. The essential thing is that he or she wants to change something, that he or she does not feel comfortable with something in his/her life, or that he/she sees something now from a different perspective.

Many people come to me because they come across my blog at, others follow the recommendation or because they’ve visited one of my public lectures or seminars. And some people just ran into me by chance. Each of my clients is different and everyone is OK, as Thomas Anthony Harris would have said. They just hadn’t easy in some part of their lives. Change is always possible :)

I'm also working with businesses. With companies that care for satisfaction of their employees because they realize that satisfied employees bring satisfied customers and those create satisfied shareholders. For company offers, including workshops and trainings, please see my company’s website -