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The world today is full of changes.

Whether we want to realize it or not – the change is the only certainty that we have in our life. For some changes we prepare already for a while, the other come unexpected, and others are absolutely inevitable for our business or our life. The change is not simple. It demands courage, determination, perseverance and direction as well. I have personally undergone many changes – both the ones that I wanted and those that I had to. Therefore, I know quite well how difficult it is. But you don’t have to face changes alone. If you’re looking for someone, who will stand by your side during them, who’d offer you a bird’s eye view and new impulses to your life or business , do not hesitate to contact me. Helping people and business is what makes sense to me and fulfills me.


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What people whom I helped are saying


Veronika Jelínková: "Martin helped me to get insight into myself, which is extremely complicated. To take a look in the eyes of the truth, get higher level of objectivity regarding myself. Sometimes when you look in the mirror, it badly hurts. However sometimes it sets you free and this is what has happened to me.
I have met many people who work in this area - psychotherapists, coaches, psychologists and even I personally worked in thise area for a few years. Yet I have never met somebody so perceptive as well as intelligent with complex bird's eye view on a person and the world as such. Martin is not limited to a single area, he's endowed with a complex view adn therefore even his critical thinking is on a higher level than by most of the people I've met in this industry. Therefore he was able to help me in such a short time period.
Without him I'd have probably walked the old way for awhile, which would have probably killed me. It's hard to leave something, when you'd invested your time, energy and money, even in case it doesn't make sense to you anymore, and start something new and meaningful instead. It's a risk, unknown. And as human beings we have an aversion against loss, we hate to leave or lose either things, relationships or roles. But Martin's helped me to find something inside me, that has provided me with a different perspective and he has given me the courage that I desperately needed at that time."


Client No. 1: ‘The Meeting with Martin was a step in the right direction. One thinks that he or she might solve problems on his or her own, but usually he or she just keeps hurting his ‘soul’ instead. Thanks to well-placed questions, it was very easy to start orient in myself. With Martin we discussed and clarified things from my childhood. Suddenly, something that was successfully and carefully hiding in my subconscious mind for such a long time has surfaced within an hour. Sometimes in your life you’re looking for complexity and therefore you make things complicated – yet you do not see yourself from above. After the meeting I also changed my current life rhythm, which is incredibly beneficial to me. Thanks for that!’


Client No. 2: ‘The session with Martin helped me a lot, especially the fact that I realized things from the past that I hadn’t wanted to admit. Thanks to him we got them to the surface, and I could finally start working with them and step by step deal with them. At the beginning my feelings towards his approach were distrustful, but I realized how important role these feelings play in my progress of getting rid of them. It was not easy, to open topics, which were so sensitive and painful for me, but it was the only possibility how we could together move ahead and, with his help, have everything settled. To set my family relations right and to change my crooked point of view on some life situations. I so much want to thank him this way and sincerely recommend his consultations, even if you’d think in the beginning that they’re too tough and ineffective. He is a man who knows pretty well what he is doing and he’s doing an excellent job. Once again, THANK YOU Martin, we’ve done a hell of a job!’


What topics I usually focus on with my clients

Stress relief

Is it just too much? Do you feel yourself under pressure? We’ll work together so that you learn to better put up with stress and its negative impact on your life. I’ll help you to improve your time management, set priorities and eliminate key stress factors from your life.

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Career changes

We’ll take a look on recent changes in your career, your company or your business. Consequently, we’ll identify the biggest pain points that need to be addressed. I’ll help you to find (again) the job you’d enjoy, find meaningful and challenging at once.

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Life transformation

Do you find yourself currently in a turning point of your life? Together we’ll find a new perspective how to look at your new life and its priorities. I’ll be your guide while on your quest for finding a solid ground under your feet in turbulent times when everything around you is collapsing and becoming unstable.

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Changes in relationships

Are your relations with your dearest currently going through a painful change? I’ll help you to reestablish harmony and contentment in your relationships, find understanding to others and to find courage to formulate your wishes and expectations from relationships with your dearest ones.

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Switch to a healthy lifestyle

Do you want or even have to start living a healthy life? Together we’ll find a way, how to live healthier, lose weight and get into a better shape, once for all. We’ll find a way, how to balance your work and health and how to gain the necessary motivation for a change that might save your life one day.

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