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What do I offer?

I am not a coach or a psychotherapist, I am just a person who has a series of personal experiences with (not always quite pleasant) changes in various areas of life and who has gained experience in the business world over a period of 15 years. However, because personal experience is by far insufficient to work with people, in 2015 I decided to enter a four-year self-experience Person Centered Approach (PCA) training. A training in Carl Ransom Rogers's psychotherapy approach and a year later I began to study at Prague Psychotherapeutic Faculty and began to attend a series of self-experience seminars. This knowledge and skills help me with my everyday work with clients and it is a great inspiration for me while leading my workshops for companies.

If you wish, I can become your guide through the life moments and changes where you feel you need such a guide. I offer you a safe environment where you can be who you truly are, without being judged, or even condemned. If you know that something has to be changed in your life and you are ready to work on this change by yourself, I'm the one who can help you find the right way how to succeed. I will listen to you, become your mentor, your guide, and the one who charges you with the motivation necessary to complete the change you want to achieve. I will offer you an unbiased view at your situation, my knowledge and experience, and I’ll help you to think about your situation and the things around you again from a different perspective. The solution to your problems is often within a reach, you just need to open your eyes and look in the right direction. And I’m the one to help you to look at the right direction.

How does it work?

Everything begins with a phone call (or e-mail alternatively), when we set up the initial approx. one hour meeting. There we're going to define the problem, which you'd like to solve and we're find out, whether we can work on that solution together or not.

Afterwards, we’re going to meet regularly (usually once per week for 60 minutes) and we will work together to find a solution to your problem. Exceptionally, it is possible to use Skype or Microsoft Lyncs as a substitute for personal meetings. The first meeting however must be personal. Individual sessions are tailored to everyone’s individual needs. Apart from a lot to think about you’d often take a ‘homework’ with you from our meetings.

As in business, everything that is said during our meetings is considered strictly confidential. Total confidentiality is guaranteed as well as absolute openness and non-judgemental environment. You can always be the person who you really are with me. Nobody will judge you nor condemn you.

In some special cases there's an alternative approach that has proved to work those who come to me in a time when the need for a change is urgent or when they simply can't go on. In such case our meeting takes several hours in a row (5 hours at maximum) and it has to take place in a quiet place. The precise length of this format differs based on your individual needs. During this time it's usually possible to identify the most acute issues and sketch their solution. However, even here applies that I might not be the right person, who'd be able to help you. This particular approach demands, from both of us, enormous amount of time and energy and it's not suitable for everyone. Therefore the use of thius format is up to my consideration. After this kind of meeting it's quite usual that regular meetings in the standard format follow or, based on the topic discussed, that I might recommend you a suitable professional (e.g. psychotherapist), who can help you during your subsequent way more effectively.

How much will you pay?

The price for a single session is 1,200 CZK (approx. 45 €), while the initial meeting costs 500 CZK (approx. 19 €). But be ready to invest much more than just your money. If you really want to achieve a cahnge, you'll need to invest your time and effort in it not only during those 60 minutes per week, but mainly inbetween our sessions. But you can bet that this investment in yourself will have a high return.

During the intense format focused on fast progress - 5 hours at maximum (see above) - the price is 5,000 CZK (apprx. 189 €) at maximum or 1,000 CZK (approx. 38 €) pre hour respectively