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Who am I

I'm not a coach. ‘Everybody is a coach today,’ I hear all around me for last few years. And I must admit there’s something to it. However, I am not a coach nor psychologist. I have no ICF certificate and I do not have a university degree in psychology neither. Moreover, I never intended to do this. As a kid I wanted to be a figher pilot and as an adult I was much more attracted by strategy of companies, its realization, marketing and key products sales support and I loved the fact that I could see for myself that many things in business have their clearly defined order and rules. But then something has changed…

It was not one of those overnight changes. However, I remember the first step as it was yesterday - I walked across Gellért in Budapest (hill above the town) and met a girl, who has revealed her whole life story to me just within few hours. She worked for a large corporation, but her heart was completely elsewhere than in the financial controlling industry. And this girl was just the first in a long row of people who suddenly started to turn to me with their life stories and sorrows. Since then it happens to me all the time, and it’s been several years now. In café, restaurant, on the street, in sauna, or even in a lift or during my journeys across Europe. All these people, who out of the blue confided their suffering to me, had something in common – they felt that it was not possible for them to keep things in their lives like they were anymore. That it was the time for a change!. They were just people, who were furiously seeking somebody, who could help them to make the first step. Who would provide them with support and boost their courage. Somebody, who they could finally trust and who would become their guide for a certain amount of time. And all of them from some reason chose me.

And it was on one of my solitary journeys across Europe, during a week in the secluded place in Austrian Alps, when I realized that this job has actually picked me. So it was not now, when I’m 33, in fact it happened long time ago. Yet before I hadn’t seen it because at that time there had been many things that I needed to sort out first. Only then I could fully focus on helping others. Moreover, it has turned out that not only I can apply my experience I got from my own life and from reading hundreds of articles and books, but also from my professional career in the world of corporations. Based on a recommendation from my friend, who graduated from psychology in London, I applied for a four-year psychotherapist training in the Person-Centered Approach according to Carl Ransom Rogers, so that I can better listen to and help to my clients. I found it a better choice than just going through a few weeks coaching course, even though there are still three years ahead of me now.

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Why you should choose me as your guide?

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Throughout my life I went through an unusual route full of wins, defeats and disappointments that pushed me forward faster than I actually wanted. I managed to experience on my own everything that we are talking about with people I’m helping. Successes which were too fast, sudden falls, states of tremendous euphoria as well as depression, toxic, short-term and long-term relationships, betrayal of closest friends, diseases, which led me to the very edge of life and death while struggling with them cost me a lot of energy, excessive stress, overwork and job burnout, and radical overnight transformations, when there was no stone left unturned in my life. Life has shown me that ‘impossible’ actually means just ‘extremely challenging’ or ‘possible at very high costs.’ However, it has also taught me that sometimes we need a guide on our way, and therefore I try to be such guide to those who set out on often thorny paths of changes in their lives.

I spent a huge part of my life by listening to other people’s stories, because it was part of my job. During my career I came to know the life of entrepreneurs, company owners, employees and managers in large corporations as well as expats living both in foreign countries and in the Czech Republic. I travelled on my own through a large part of Europe and everywhere I was running into interesting people. I came to know the sorrows of managers and company owners earning millions of euros per year as well as owners of companies who simply did not have enough money for their employees’ salaries anymore. I know even number of employees’ stories, who didn’t know what to do after they left their well paid jobs. I know, how multinational corporations as well as small Czech companies work, because I worked for many of them before. Even my career started in one of them. I was 15 at that time when I started to work as a personal consultant for German part of the board of one Czech-German financial house.

During 15 years of my professional career, which has been focusing on marketing communication, strategic management and partly even on research and development, I’ve met and been close to people, who were starting something new and succeeded as well as to people, who’ve lost all their illusions when their dream hasn’t come true. I’ve met with billionaires as well as with beggars, with people who made loads of money and decided to stop working as well as with people who had to work despite being in a retirement age. I’ve met people who were trying to get pregnant and never succeeded as well as those who after many years and many miscarriages finally got their long-desired baby. I was meeting with top professional sportsmen as well as with severely ill people, who were fighting for their lives and sometimes lost their fight. I've met those who got all their dreams fulfilled as well as with those who couldn’t experience not a single dream coming true. I've heard stories from people, who spent their whole lives in the shadow of their more successful siblings, people who never coped with their parents getting divorced; and even people whose lives were affected by a death or even suicide of their loved ones. I heard stories of senior in their declining years, who realized that they lived a different life than they’d wanted to as well as those who were able to get the most of their lives.

In short, I heard hundreds of touching personal stories, because I always lent my ear to people. And many of these stories followed the same pattern. And not only those told by single parents whom I devoted few months of my intense work. I asked people how they were dealing with their situations and what would they’d changed if they could do so, and, on the contrary, what was the right step they’d made and they’re now most grateful for. From every single one of them I learned something new. And now I’m here to employ all my experience, skills, knowledge and lessons I learned by myself to help, perhaps, directly you.


Originally I graduated from telecommunication technology at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. It was there, where I've learnt about biomedical engineering and neurophysiology for the first time. At the same faculty, I continued in Ph. D. studies focused on nanomedicine, but I haven't finished the work. At the same time I graduated from entrepreneurship and management of industrial companies at Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies at the Czech Technical University. There I got to the less material part - human psyché - human resources, management and leadership.

The most important came later on:

  • Self-experience PCA training (Rogerian psychotherapy), Diakonie (2015-2018)
  • Self-experience seminar Drama methods in psychotherapy, Karel Balcar (2017)
  • Self-experience seminar Existencial therapy, Karel Balcar (2017)
  • Self-experience seminar Art therapy, Ingrid Hanušová (2017)
  • Self-experience seminar Hagiotherapy, Prokop Remeš (2016-2017)
  • Self-experience seminar Gestalt therapy, Marie Štefanová (2016)
  • Self-experience seminar Daseinsanalysis, Jakub Zlámaný (2016)
  • Seminar Dreams interpretation, Jiří Růžička (2016)
  • Seminar Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Anxiety Disorders, Katarína Durecová (2016)
  • Education at Prague College of Psychosocial Studies (2016-2018)